TJ010 Analytical Senior Scientist

TITLE:            Analytical Senior Scientist (Analytical Dept.) 分析科学家

LOCATION:  Tianjin, China

REQ#:                         TJ010

Company Overview: Jecho Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical company manufacturing innovative therapeutic biologics to address a broad range of infectious diseases as well as treatment of cancer. The company headquarter is located in Tianjin China.


  • Develop and optimize analytical methods for characterization of biotherapeutics in pre-clinical and clinical stages.
  • 开发并优化在临床前和临床阶段对生物治疗药物进行表征分析的分析方法。
  • Write Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)
  • 撰写SOP
  • Develop analytical methods for intermediates as part of PAT (Process Analytical Technology)
  • 分析方法的开发(作为技术转移过程中的一部分)
  • Involved in analytical method transfer from other companies.
  • 需参与涉及到其他公司的分析方法转让。
  • Perform all experiments under applicable safety and regulatory compliances.
  • 在适用的安全和法规指导下进行所有实验。
  • Generate high quality results in support of analytical testing of growing drug pipeline.
  • 得到高质量的结果,以支持不断增加的药物渠道的分析测试。
  • Document data/results according to applicable compliances, such as GMP.
  • 根据适用的一致性(如GMP)记录数据/结果。
  • Effective communication of data/results through written documentation and oral presentations.
  • 通过书面文件和口头报告有效沟通数据/结果。
  • Accountable for completing the assigned tasks and communicate results in a timely manner.
  • 负责完成指定的任务并及时通报结果。

Minimum Requirements:

  • A master degree with 5+ years or a Ph.D. with 2+ years of experience in analytical science or equivalent within a biopharmaceutical industry.
  • 硕士毕业,5年以上相关工作经验,或者博士毕业,2年以上相关工作经验。
  • Strong hands-on experience in HPLC (SEC, IEX, RP), LC-MS (peptide mapping and N-linked glycan) and CE (cIEF and CE-SDS).
  • 熟练操作高效液相色谱(SECIEXRP),LC-MS(肽图谱和N-连接聚糖)和CEcIEFCE-SDS)等仪器。
  • Ability to work independently and to manage multiple projects at one time.
  • 能够独立工作,同时管理多个项目。
  • Good written and oral communication skills in English.
  • 良好的英文能力,包括口语和书面英语。